International Marine Travel Group

Mariner is a founding member of the International Marine Travel Group (IMTG). IMTG is a strategic alliance formed between independent travel companies specialising in the marine and offshore industries. From Australia to the Philippines, Singapore, China, UK, Greece, Ukraine, India we have the globe covered.

Mariner Travel benefits from a wider range of internationally negotiated marine fares and ground support in almost all continents of the globe. Our 12 partner offices based in strategic locations worldwide have consolidated international relationships within the airlines to consistently negotiate competitive fares that we can easily deliver to our clients.

Although the IMTG group specialises in marine and offshore each member also offers a full range of Corporate Travel services including negotiated fares and hotel rates that we can offer to all our clients. This ensures you are getting the best deals regardless of where the travel is to or from, with centralised booking and invoicing.


CT Partners Australia and RADIUS Hotel Program

Mariner is a member of CT Partners in Australia which is a new force in the corporate travel sector. Established in early 2004, the group is made up of some of the largest independent corporate travel management companies, with a combined turnover of over $1 billion.

The combined turnover allows CT Partners to negotiate highly competitive corporate airfares, hotel, car hire and technology rates on behalf of all members, this allows Mariner to be just as competitive within the market whilst ensuring our personal business client interaction we pride ourselves on is maintained.

CT Partners is a member of RADIUS Travel which give us access the Radius Global Hotel Program, which lets your company tap into preferential rates and amenities at 35,000 properties across 160 countries, including special negotiated rates from Radius Hotel Partners.